Health and Science

The public health sciences have played a key role in improving human health. They are essential in creating insight in the relative importance of environmental, lifestyle and genetic causes of diseases in order, which in turn allows us to identify strategies to improve the wellbeing of the population and to evaluate their impact. From a philanthropic perspective, according to the Charity Aids Foundation’s survey made in the UK, medical research remains the most popular cause amongst UK donors with one in five giving in this area. This is often linked to a personal cause, e.g. a person with a close relative with a disease and they want to support medical research or the quality of care in that area. Most needless deaths occur in poorer countries, where resources are not available to provide adequate health care. In the developing countries, currently more than 35,000 people die from AIDS, malaria and other poverty–related diseases every day. This makes the role of research and health actions in these countries a necessity to overcome the situation.



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