The C. Ehrnrooth Helsinki Vascular & Skull-base Fellowship

The C. Ehrnrooth Foundation

Dedicated to post-doc students in neurosurgery


The C. Ehrnrooth Foundation established the C. Ehrnrooth Helsinki Vascular & Skull-base Fellowship with the purpose of granting scholarships to international fellows engaged in post-doctoral studies in neurosurgery or young neurosurgeons interested in pursuing further specialization courses in microsurgery.


The C. Ehrnrooth Helsinki Vascular & Skull-base Fellowship’ is applicable for EU board-certified neurosurgeons aged 35-40 for a period of 12 months starting January 1st each year. The selection of the fellows is CV- and interview-based, after an announcement in the European Journal of Neurosurgery (Acta Neurochirurgica) and EANS (European Association of Neurosurgical Societies) website.


The following fellows have been supported so far: 


  • Dr. Sajjad Muhammad (2018) from Germany trained in performing vascular and skull-base procedures and learnt how to clip anterior vascular aneurysms and remove skull-base tumors. He also made several publications on the topic during his fellowship.


  • Dr. Christoph Schwartz (2019) from Austria is working on skull-base and neurovascular surgery and hopes to be able to apply his experience when treating patients in Salzburg, following his fellowship.





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