emmy.network foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The emmy.network foundation supports research fellows and their organisations to foster the study of complex systems theory and its applications. The intention is to develop an international multidisciplinary ecosystem addressing the Foundation’s mission to find order in chaos, to better understand who we are and how to address the collective challenges we face.


Why complex systems theory and its applications? Complexity research provides an approach where large systems and their behaviors are studied as networks of interacting parts, components, or subsystems. Fundamental analysis focuses on developing novel descriptive frameworks and studying their various structural components. At its most ambitious, complexity theory attempts to provide a platform for investigating the basis of theories of nature and of mathematics. Fundamentally, complexity research is interdisciplinary and based on collaboration.


The Foundation aims to help the researchers of the emmy.network to better achieve their goals in understanding the evolution, function, and interdependencies of biological, cognitive, and social systems, whether those involve understanding the nature of cognition, the origins of life, and human disease or in application to peace-making or building more innovative and sustainable cities.



Website: http://emmy.network/


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