Building Opportunities to Learn in and With Nature in Luxembourg

Fondation Lily & Francy

Children and youth at the SOS Kannerduerf L√ętzebuerg benefit from animal-assisted pedagogy and grow their leadership skills through the Youthful Nature programme.


Stemming from a survey proposed by and to their internal youth parliament, the SOS Kannerduerf L√ętzebuerg has chosen to tackle the theme of sustainable development through the launch of the Youthful Nature project. This project allows for traumatised children and youth to benefit from animal-assisted pedagogy and build leadership skills through a series of ecology and sustainability-related workshops. Thanks to the support of the Fondation Lily & Francy, Youthful Nature is able to inspire these young people to work both with and in nature. 




The SOS Children's Village in Mersch is currently home to a friendly coterie of horses, ponies, donkeys, cows, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, budgies, fish and cats. Animal-assisted pedagogy allows for children and youth to build social and psychomotor skills, positive self-efficacy, self-empowerment and heal from past psychological injuries. 


The Youthful Nature progrmme allows participants to take part in the planning and maintenance of facilities related to animal-assisted pedagogy, thereby learning practical skills in caring for animals and their surroundings through an overall lens of sustainability. Moreover, the rituals associated with caring for the resident animals are model training for adhering to rules and dealing well with hierarchies. 


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