Developing solar energy for the St. Gabriel’s Hospital in Malawi

Fondation Auxilium


The objective of this project is to allow the St. Gabriel’s Hospital to be powered through renewable energy


St. Gabriel's Hospital was founded in Malawi, East Africa, in 1959 by four sisters of the Carmelite Tertiaries of Luxembourg. Although St. Gabriel’s Hospital started as a small institution, it has now expanded to a modern hospital responsible for medical care of more than 250,000 people.


Today, the economic situation is precarious in Malawi. The power shortages are frequent and often no fuel is available to supply the hospital’s diesel generators. Therefore, solar energy offers a realistic and ecological alternative to power the hospital’s activities. For this reason, a solar power system is being built with the support of the Fondation Auxilium.  


Since June 2013, all the electrical appliances of operating rooms, radiology, ultrasound, sterilization, and washing machines operate with renewable energy. The completion of the second phase of the project will begin in early 2014 to provide solar energy to the homes that are part of the hospital.






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