Medical training and capacity building of health centers

Fondation Jos et Mimieke

The project aims at strengthening and developing the medical capacities of hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


In the health zone of Mubumbano, socio-economic conditions are precarious and the resources available to the hospital for basic surgery and pediatrics do not meet the standards defined by the national health policy.


The Mubumbano hospital – 65km from the city of Bukavu – covers a large health zone, with some health centers located as far as 35 km from the hospital. Nevertheless, the Mubumbano area has alarmingly high maternal and child mortality rates and as a consequence, the Mubumbano hospital is overwhelmed and under-resourced to fight prevalent diseases in the region.


The aim of this project support from Fondation Jos & Mimieke, is to strengthen the capacity of the Mubumbano hospital through on-the-job training during medical missions carried out by volunteering doctors from Belgium. The project furthers involves technical and organizational support to the hospital over a period of three years.


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