Prix d'Excellence 2020

Fondation Enovos

The Fondation Enovos "Prix d'Excellence" was awarded to five engineering students on November 14th, 2020.


The Fondation Enovos launched its "Prix d'Excellence" in 2012 in order to reward and encourage top students pursing their studies and careers in the field of engineering.


Every year since, an independent jury composed of members of the da Vinci Association (Association Luxembourgeoise des Ingénieurs, Architectes et Industriels) has selected the best proposals from Master's level students, offering each winner a €2,500 prize.


This year, the 9th edition of the "Prix d'Excellence" took place as a virtual ceremony on November 14th, 2020. Five laureates were selected to receive the prize, in recognition of their excellence:


  • Eric Wagner: Enabling Limited Identity Recovery in Anonymity networks
  • Nathalie Reckinger: Effect of transverse bending on the shear capacity of concrete bridges accounting for the load-distribution between web and deck/bottom flange
  • Jerry Lambert: Evaluierung von reversiblen Festoxidzellenkraftwerken in einem zukünftigen deutschen Energiesystem mittels Energiesystemsimulation
  • Patrick Holstein: Concept, Implementation and Evaluation of Machine Learning Models for Anomaly Detection of Hydraulic Systems on Basis of Industrial Data of a Machine Tool
  • Maurice Amendt: Multifidelity regression using artificial neura networks





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