Tyvek 600+ Project in collaboration with the Robert Schuman Hospital Foundation

COVID-19 Foundation

In the context of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, the Robert Schuman Hospital Foundation, attentive to the needs of doctors and nurses involved in the fight against the virus and aware of the difficulties in the medical equipment supply chain, has set up a project for the production, within the Grand Duchy, of protective suits made of Tyvek 600+.


Tyvek 600+, a resistant fabric with an effective biological barrier, particularly against CoV-2, is produced by Dupont De Nemours in Contern.Together with the sewing workshop Eva Ferranti SA, a production capacity of up to 200 suits per day has been set up. At this stage, a staff of 10 seamstresses is on duty and this with a production horizon of 3 months.


Initially, the suits thus produced will be used to cover the needs of the staff of the Robert Schuman Hospitals. An evolution with an increase in the production of suits, or even an extension of the products towards simple gowns and surgical masks in Tyvek 600+, is possible according to requests and needs.


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