2021 Science for Society Prize: Empowering Evidence-Informed Public Debates

Science for Society Foundation

An initiative of the Science for SocietyFoundation, under the aegis of Fondation deLuxembourg, with support from the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR).


The prize will reward a project, an action, or a set of activities already carried out that have enabled the general public to:


  • Reveal, explain and put scientific evidence into context in public debate and/or
  • Understand and develop critical thinking based on scientific facts, and/or
  • Debunk fake news or associated communications linked to societal issues thanks to a scientific demonstration and/or exceptional communication efforts



The Science for Society Prize amounts to EUR 5,000.


Laureates will be handed over their award by the Science for Society foundation at a special ceremony. Additionaly, both the Science for Society Foundation and the FNR will promote and publicize the awardees and their achievements.


A jury composed of independent external experts will select the laureate, which may be either an individual or a group. The application form, as well as the guidelines and eligibility requirements, can be found below. 


Applications must be received by December 13th, 2021, 14:00 CET. Applications that come in late, that are not complete or missing signatures will not be considered.


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