Book: "In the river they swim" edited by Michael Fairbanks

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Essays from around the world on enterprise solutions to poverty


In the era of total global competition for scarce resources, where ethnic groups are at war and the rich are getting richer, where values are being tested and transformed faster than we may reflect upon them, enterprise and technology solutions to poverty represent, perhaps, the best hope for poor nations.

In the River They Swim gathers a unique mix of participants who reflect on their experiences in the struggle to close the global development gap. From the fresh perspective of advisors on the frontlines of development to the insight of leaders like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Pastor Rick Warren, In the River They Swim tells the story of change in the microcosms of emerging businesses, industries, and governments.

These authors demonstrate that eradicating poverty will not be achieved by sentimentality or a generic list of policy measures. The answers, we learn, are to be found in a heretical mix of history, economic theory, business strategy and practice, culture, leadership, and the most precious of human activities, integrative thinking.

There is a personal nature to the authors' efforts that rigorous analysis alone cannot convey. Essays allow the authors to become the crucibles in which their own experiences are tested, and provide the freedom to explore a learning process that is iterative, messy, and sometimes deeply introspective.




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