Award “Prix d’Excellence” 2015

Fondation Enovos


For the fourth time, Fondation Enovos will reward the best engineering students

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First edition of the Fondation de Luxembourg "Philanthropy Letter"

Fondation de Luxembourg launches its Newsletter foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The foundation supports research fellows and their organisations to foster the study of complex systems theory and its applications. The intention is to develop an international multidisciplinary ecosystem addressing the Foundation’s mission to find order in chaos, to better understand who we are and how to address the collective challenges we face.

Eduq Foundation

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The objective of the Foundation is to support education including higher education and vocational training of children, adolescents and adults.

Teaching Philanthropy to the new generation of Wealth Managers - 15.10.2018

Fondation de Luxembourg's Director General Tonika Hirdman provided for the sixth time a two-day course to the international students of the Master in Wealth Management of the Luxembourg School of Finance.

  • Start date : 15.10.2018 08:00
  • End date : 16.10.2018 14:00




« Investissement à impact », entre investissement traditionnel et philanthropie - 10.10.2018

Conférence annuelle de l’Action Tank d’HEC Business School en collaboration avec l’European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) 

  • Start date : 10.10.2018 09:00
  • End date : 10.10.2018 19:00

Ateliers d'initiation à l'entreprenariat pour classes d'intégration

AMSC Stiftung

Ce projet a vocation à faciliter l’intégration sociale et professionnelle des jeunes immigrés à travers un enseignement axé sur l’entrepreneuriat dans le Grand-Duché.




- Rethinking Wealth - How Philanthropists are advancing the Sustainable Development Goals - 02.10.2018

Retour sur le Philanthropy Adviser Event du 2 octobre 2018

  • Start date : 02.10.2018 17:30
  • End date : 02.10.2018 20:00