Archaeological discovery of "Roman barbed wire" in Bad Ems, Germany

In February 2024, the Gesellschaft für Archäologie an Mittelrhein und Mosel officially presented the groundbreaking results of four years of archaeological excavations in the area of Bad Ems, Germany. 


The digs uncovered several previously unknown Roman military camps, reinforcing evidence that the Lahn region was of great importance in the Roman imperial period, both as a military-strategic and as a cultural connection axis between the Roman Empire and the Germanic areas to the northeast.


However, among the most significant finds were the 26 exceptionally preserved wooden spikes, which served as a defense mechanism when placed vertically in ditches surrounding the military camp. Often referred to as “Roman barbed wire”, this example of Roman military technology had never been found, not to mention in such a well-preserved state.


The Gerhard-Jacobi Stiftung, under our aegis, supported both the prior excavations and work of the researchers, and also contributed to the publication of the findings by the Gesellschaft für Archäologie an Mittelrhein und Mosel.




Photos by Sabine Steidl/LEIZA



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