Breaking the cycle of poverty through the support of underprivileged children

The Covenant Foundation

Supporting disadvantaged schoolchildren by providing balanced meals, homework support and school material 


The Covenant Foundation supports the following three projects run by Solidarity Helping Hand in South Africa with a focus on children’s needs and development. 


  • The community centre: A centre for 105 disadvantaged children in South Africa where they receive food, homework support, access to the internet, mentor programmes and clothes needed for school. 


  • The Schoolbag project:Provides underprivileged children in their first year of school with a schoolbag that contains all the stationary that they will need, including crayons, pens, a pencil case and a colouring book. Since the introduction of the project in 2008, 30 000 children have benefitted from the project.


  • The Lunchbox project: Supports toddlers from low-income households with one balanced meal a day. 


The objective of these projects is to give disadvantaged children the support that they need in order to break the cycle of poverty. 



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