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The Fondation de Luxembourg supports public benefit initiatives and projects implemented by associations or other institutions.


Support from our sheltered foundations can vary:


  • Direct financial support to a project or program of public interest through a beneficiary organization seeking funding (association or other institution).
  • Financial grants to a beneficiary organization for the support of its overall activities.
  • Financial grants awarded to individuals working in a structured manner to achieve an objective of general interest within a specific, predefined framework (e.g. school grant, university grant, post-doctoral grant, kick-starter grant, etc.).


In order to best advise donors on their philanthropic choices, the Fondation de Luxembourg invites all organizations and individuals to complete the online funding application form. This form allows potential beneficiaries to provide all information necessary for a potential match with one of our sheltered foundations.
For more information related to the treatment of your data, please refer to the Fondation de Luxembourg's privacy notice.

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