Advisory services offered

Besides the creation of a structure to handle the commitment, the Fondation de Luxembourg places its entire expertise in the following areas at your disposal:


  • Advice on, and selection of, projects corresponding to the donor’s own aspirations; although there is no lack of philanthropic vocations, it is not always easy for the donor to find the project which meets his aspirations or the organisation which will be able to implement a project on the basis of specific criteria. The Fondation de Luxembourg offers to issue project appeals and to give its clients the benefit of its network of organisations, which are best able to meet their aspirations.
  • Ensuring the efficiency of the supported projects through continuous monitoring and evaluation of the impact of the donors’ philanthropic engagement.
  • Management, governance, accounting and day-to-day administration of your sheltered foundation.


Be that as it may, philanthropic aspirations are always highly personal in nature and must therefore be treated as such. Each donor will receive a personal service designed to accompany his actions.



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