Emergency COVID-19 relief for health centres in India

Maßvoll Stiftung

In response to the catastrophic rise in COVID-19 cases in India in May 2021, the Massvoll Stiftung, under our aegis, launched an emergency support through the organization Médecins sans Frontières.


Beginning at the end of April and lasting throughout May 2021, the COVID-19 crisis reached alarming levels in India, with over 400,000 new cases being reported over the course of several days. Most of the cases were reported in Maharashtra state, notably in Mumbai, the densely populated capital city of the state, where the local healthcare system was quickly overwhelmed.


The support from Maßvoll Stiftung will be concentrated in Mumbai and attributed to three areas of action:

  • Increasing the number of hospital beds and medical staff at the main field hospital
  • Ensuring continued care for vulnerable and immunocompromised patients such as those suffering from HIV or tuberculosis
  • Reaching out to the community to raise awareness and promote good hygiene practices.


Dr. Gautam Harigovind, Medical Activity Manager (MAM) of MSF’s COVID-19 intervention
heading to see patients in MSF/MoH co-managed Dedicated COVID Care Centre in BKC, Mumbai.

© Siddhesh Gunandekar 


Shagufta Sayyed, Community Health Educator demonstrating Handwashing steps to patients
with DRTB at the MSF’s independent clinic in Mumbai, India. 

© Premananda Hessenkamp



MSF Medical Doctor Interpreting Chest X-Ray of a six-year-old MDR TB girl patient. 

© Atul Loke


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