Prix d'Excellence 2023

Fondation Enovos

The Fondation Enovos awarded the 12th "Prix d'Excellence" during a special ceremony on October 27th, 2023.


The Fondation Enovos launched its "Prix d'Excellence" in 2012 in order to reward and encourage top students pursuing their studies and careers in the field of engineering.


This year, the 12th edition of the "Prix d'Excellence" took place at the Forum Da Vinci in Luxembourg.


The 2023 "Prix d'Excellence" laureates are:


  • Laurent Schüssler: Auslegung des Binder Jettings von Zahnrädern aus 17-4PH unter Berücksichtigung der Zahnfusstragfähigkeit
  • Anne Slunecko: Strategies and tipping points for individual and communal residential PV-battery systems in Luxembourg
  • Thierry Treinen: Augmented Reality for quality inspection, assembly and remote assistance in manufacturing
  • Christophe Vogel: Development of a Genetic Algorithm for Personal Rapid Transit Network Design under Demand Uncertainty
  • Jenny Bourg: Investigations on shear load-bearing behaviour of carbon reinforced concrete beams using digital image correlation
  • Pol Kails: Experimentelle und numerische Untersuchungen zum Trag- und Verbundverhalten von Holz-Stahl-Hybrid-Trägern unter Biegebeanspruchung



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