For individuals

For an individual wishing to pursue philanthropic aspirations, the commitment chosen may be of different kinds. The Fondation de Luxembourg meets the expectations of its clients through a customised approach offering the same flexibility as the creation of a public benefit foundation, but without the legal and administrative constraints associated with the setting up of a structure of this type.
For instance, a donor may adopt a range of different approaches:
  • Creation of a Sheltered Foundation in the donor’s lifetime by investing in projects in which he is personally involved and drawing on his own expertise and vision.
  • Creation of a Sheltered Foundation which is destined to outlast the donor by making a legacy. The Fondation de Luxembourg will be responsible for the life of the Sheltered Foundation and for the evolution of its Management Committee in line with the founder’s own wishes.
  • "Duo" legacy: in some cases of inheritances passed on to persons who have no relationship with the deceased, it may be advantageous to envisage a philanthropic side to the testamentary dispositions by arranging for a Sheltered Foundation to settle the legatee’s estate duties. The difference between the estate duty rates applied to foundations and individuals who do not belong to the family of the deceased enables a proportion of the inheritance to be set aside for philanthropic purposes without, however, penalising the legatee.

The possibilities are as varied as the needs and aspirations of the Founders.

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