Ensure the integration of young immigrants through training

Fondation Pax Christi

The purpose is to welcome young immigrants in Luxembourg and prepare them for future jobs


Poverty mainly affects young people but also people of foreign origin with a low level of learning. The recent financial and economic crisis has brought to Luxembourg a wave of young individuals predominantly coming from Portugal and Cape Verde with the same problem: premature exit from schooling, poor language knowledge, financial instability, no professional project and a need to work to earn money for themselves and their families.


The purpose of this project is to accommodate these young people, help them to integrate in society and have them participate in practical workshops to prepare them for future jobs. They will learn languages such as French and Luxembourgish, mathematics, computer science, and codes of conduct. After two years of teaching (validated by an exam) students can pursue a more classical education or apply for a job. For some young individuals, a psychosocial support by means of workshops and training has also been designed.


This "a la carte" educational tool is a chance for young people to find adequate answers and become self-reliant.



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