Engaging the next generation through philanthropy - 11.07.2017

Reporting from the Philanthropy Adviser Event held on 12 July, 2017


With the forthcoming intergenerational wealth transfer, a new approach is needed in order to accompany the specific needs and expectations of the Millenials when it comes to managing wealth and engaging in philanthropy.


Intergenerational wealth transfer is seen by many as a significant opportunity and Millenials are more receptive to advice on their philanthropy than previous generations, according to Catherine Tillotson, Partner at Scorpio Partnership, the London-based leading market research firm to the wealth management industry. Mrs Tillotson was invited as speaker at a conference organized by the Fondation de Luxembourg, where she presented the latest facts and trends of what defines the Millennials in their approach to wealth and social engagement.


Following her presentation, Nicolas Vernier gave an update of the activities and perspectives of the Fondation de Luxembourg in light of its newly released 2016 Annual Report.





  • Start date : 11.07.2017 17:30
  • End date : 11.07.2017 20:30





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