Supporting the arts through an art foundation - 07.07.2014

Reporting from the Philanthropy Advisor Event, held on July 7, 2014.


Art is central to all civilizations; it is a way to express ideas and emotions - be they personal, social or political. By handing over pieces of art to the next generation, art further plays an important role in preserving our cultural heritage.


For centuries, foundations have supported both, the preservation of master-pieces, as well as arts education. It is in this context that Fondation de Luxembourg organized the philanthropy advisor event on July 7, 2014 on the theme of art philanthropy.


David Arendt, Managing Director at THE LUXEMBOURG FREEPORT presented the forthcoming freeport project and explained its impact for art collectors and how this venue will facilitate for storage, handling and trading of valuable goods, such as works of art.


After that, Patrice Lucas, co-founder of the Loo&Lou Foundation, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, spoke about why he and his partner decided to set up an art foundation in Luxembourg and what they hope to achieve. 

  • Start date : 07.07.2014
  • End date : 07.07.2014
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