Towards a Single Market for Philanthropy - 27.02.2019

Reporting from the Philanthropy Adviser Event held on February 27th, 2019.




When traveling, studying or managing a business in Europe, national borders may often look like a thing of the past, but when it comes to cross-border donations, many hurdles still remain. A single market exists at the European level, but philanthropy does not yet benefit from the opportunities that such a mechanism creates. It is often too complicated for a donor to give to a non-profit organization based in another European country while benefiting from the tax deductibility applicable in his home country.


The Fondation de Luxembourg regularly organizes the Philanthropy Adviser Events, which aims at creating awareness among our partners from the financial sector on the current trends in philanthropy. The latest event was organized on February 27th 2019 at the Cercle Munster, to which we had invited Hanna Surmatz, expert on cross-border philanthropy at the European Foundation Center, a leading platform for institutional philanthropy in Europe. In front of twenty wealth advisers, she shared with the audience ideas on how to end tax discrimination for cross-border philanthropy and what are the main challenges to achieve a Single Market for Philanthropy.


Following her presentation, Tonika Hirdman, Director General of Fondation de Luxembourg gave an update on the achievements of the Fondation de Luxembourg in light of its ten-year anniversary and introduced the video for the celebration of 10 years of Philanthropy in Action in the Grand-Duchy.



  • Start date : 27.02.2019 18:00
  • End date : 27.02.2019 20:30


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