Fondation Philanthropia Europe

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

Fondation Philanthropia Europe was established with the objective of supporting charitable projects around the world.


Founded in association with Banque Lombard Odier, Fondation Philanthropia Europe helps its donors carry out initiatives in all areas of philanthropy. It represents the European extension of Fondation Philanthropia, a Swiss foundation, which has been pursuing the same goals since its creation in 2008.


Over two hundred years of civic engagement have taught Lombard Odier that giving is an art that is as demanding as it is inspiring. To share this longstanding philanthropic tradition with its clients, and to allow them to benefit from its experience and expertise, Lombard Odier developed a philanthropic advisory service. The Bank supports its clients by helping them to develop philanthropic strategies that translate their aspirations into action, and to choose their donation approach with peace of mind.


Fondation Philanthropia in Switzerland and Fondation Philanthropia Europe, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, are among the engagement options offered by this philanthropic advisory service.


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