Fondation SigMu

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The objective of the Fondation SigMu is to support scientific health research 



The Fondation SigMu aims to support scientific research focusing on the following themes:


  • Research against cancer
  • Research regarding dementia
  • Research regarding rare genetic diseases


The intention of the founders of the Fondation SigMu is to finance those areas of scientific health research that generally attract less interest from donors. Furthermore, they are sensitive to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry frequently neglects research when it is considered not being commercially viable. As a consequence, scientific research regarding certain rare diseases is fully dependent on the generosity of donors.


By reinforcing the research capacity in the above mentioned areas in Luxembourg and eventually in Europe as a whole, the founders of the sheltered Fondation SigMu hope to prevent deceases and improve the living conditions of those already affected.


The Fondation SigMu will become active after the decease of the founders in line with their wishes.



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