Jacques Toledano Foundation - CLOSED

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

The objective of the Foundation, now closed, was to support projects promoting peace and education, as well as to finance scientific research.


The Jacques Toledano Foundation was created in memory of the founders’ father who passed away in 2017 and in order to pursue at an international level the work of the eponymous foundation he created in Morocco in 2009.


Iconic figure of the Jewish community in Morocco, Jacques Toledano was a self-made man in the post-war years.  As an industrialist notably active in the textile and leather industries in Morocco, he participated in all the negotiations between Morocco and the European Union.


Member of the Economic Experts Committee created by the King of Morocco, Jacques Toledano initiated several economic and financial studies that led to key decision-making in the fields of energy, industry and trade exchange.


In 1995, he was among the four founding members, on the one hand, of the Jewish Moroccan Cultural Heritage Foundation, a public utility foundation and, on the other hand, of the Jewish Museum of Casablanca, the only museum of its kind in a Muslim country.   


Throughout his life, he worked for the conservation and promotion of the Jewish-Moroccan heritage and as a “Hebrew affluent” was consecrated by the King of Morocco in the preamble to the 2011 Constitution.


Extraordinarily generous and in his strive for greater social justice, Jacques Toledano created in 2009 the family foundation that bears his name and that is very active in Morocco. 

He maintained very close ties with the country and his foundation was created in order to tackle social inequalities and give children from poor families the chance to get an education.


Jacques Toledano was a major donor and a discreet philanthropist committed to several charities in the fields of health and education.


Jacques Toledano was a strong supporter of peace and participated in every step of the peace process leading to the signature of the Oslo Agreements in 1993.  Futher, he was among the 50 members of the Shimon Peres Center for Peace.


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