The Jacqueline Noel scholarship awarded to Dr. Chrysa Alexandraki for her research in climate finance from a legal perspective

On July 10th, 2023, representatives from the Fondation Jacqueline NOEL, the Fondation de Luxembourg and the FDEF of the University of Luxembourg gathered for a ceremony to honor Dr. Chrysa Alexandraki, the latest recipient of the Jacqueline NOEL Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement.


During the event, Dr. Alexandraki outlined her academic background and the major questions that inspired her research topic of climate finance through a legal lens. Based on her observation that the interpretation and application of climate finance laws lacked clarity, Dr. Alexandraki sought to demonstrate in her thesis that international law, in response to global environmental problems, now requires a global-level response, rather than state-by-state.



Throughout her PhD programme, Dr Alexandraki published significantly in journals, participated in several prestigious conferences on international law and served as a mentor to students on the University of Luxembourg’s moot court team during the Jessup International competition in 2018/2019.


Today, Dr. Alexandraki continues her career as Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Officer of the Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFlag), a role, she added, that allows her to bridge the gap between the practice and academic knowledge, and to make a positive impact in the transformation. Further, she is currently preparing the publication of a handbook on climate finance.


Mrs. Tonika Hirdman, Director General of the Fondation de Luxembourg, which hosts the Fondation Jacqueline NOEL under its aegis, emphasized that Dr. Alexandraki’s research contributes to an effective implementation of climate finance worldwide.


In closing, Dr. Alexandraki thanked the Fondation Jacqueline NOEL members for awarding her the scholarship, her PhD supervisor Prof. Matthew Happold as well as Prof. Dr. Herwig C.H. Hofmann, head of the Department of Law within the FDEF, and Isabelle Delas from LuxFlag for her professional guidance.


Pictured from left: Evelyne Pourteau, member of the Fondation Jacqueline NOEL management committee, Prof. Dr. Herwig C.H. Hofmann, Delphine Munro, president of the Fondation Jacqueline NOEL management committee, Dr. Chrysa Alexandraki, Tonika Hirdman, and Prof. Matthew Happold.


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