Strenthgening of the educational system in Malawi

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Promoting preschool and primary education


In 2013, the literacy rate in Malawi was 62.7%. This low rate can be explained by two factors: the geographical and cultural situation. First, in rural areas there are very few schools and access to school is difficult. Second, forced and early marriages are still common, creating a notion that a young girl’s education is unimportant.


In partnership with the Unity Foundation, Fondation Olivier has set up a project to promote preschool and primary education. The project provides training for teachers and encourages communities to set up schools in rural areas.


The main objectives of the project are:


- Establishment of 12 new schools.

- Strengthening of existing community schools, in addition to the support of school management committees.


- Training of 30 new teachers and continuous improvements of the training programs and the quality of education.



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