Encouraging cross-border cultural connections

Fondation Marienburg

The Fondation Marienburg supports projects that advance cultural cooperation and strengthen ties within the Greater Region, and beyond.


Lët'z Arles


Through its support of Lët'z Arles, the association behind Luxembourg's annual participation at the Les Rencontres d'Arles photography festival, the Fondation Marienburg contributes to the promotion of Luxembourg artists to an international audience.


In 2022, the Luxembourg-born photographer Romain Urhausen (1930 - 2021) was selected to represent Luxembourg at the annual photography festival, Les Rencontres d'Arles. He spent his extensive and profilic career between Luxembourg, Germany and France, drawing influence from French humanist and German subjective photography. He embraced a wide variety of subjects, including urban landscapes, everyday life, and self-portraits, but also experimented with new uses of light-sensitive paper and photographic processes, as well as writing with light.


Romain Urhausen's profile as a Luxembourg artist working in Germany and France makes him an example of the cross-border cooperation the Fondation Marienburg seeks to promote.



Romain Urhausen, Untitled (Self-portrait)         View of the exhibition


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