Bourse Schleich Lentz de recherche et/ou de promotion archéologique

Fondation Schleich-Lentz

La bourse vise à soutenir la recherche archéologique au Luxembourg sous forme d’un travail de recherche scientifique, de fouilles archéologiques ou autre ainsi que de soutenir des projets de promotion ou de vulgarisation scientifique d’un projet archéologique se déroulant au Luxembourg.





Quelques haches néolithiques en roches dévoniennes noires de la collection Marcel Ewers. ©SPL



Villa on Paper - The study, preservation and exhibition of a print collection

Fondation du Pélican de Mie et Pierre Hippert-Faber

The more than thousand prints in the Betz collection, acquired by Villa Vauban in 2020, will be restored, inventoried and presented in themed exhibitions, accompanied by artistic and cultural mediation experiences.

Open-air activities for all at Lake Remerschen

Fondation N. Mackel

The installation of inclusive fishing pontoons on the lake enables wheelchair-bound anglers to enjoy this activity in the great outdoors.



Dons au Musée du Louvre

Fondation La Marck








© Louvre / Valérie Carpentier











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Improving living conditions for Malian women through sustainable agriculture

Akuo Foundation


Creating new opportunities for income generation for Malian women, through sustainable agriculture training in rural areas.

Fondation Pierre Werner 2023 Scholarships

Fondation Pierre Werner

The Fondation Pierre Werner scholarships are intended to support research and study projects relating to European unification, monetary matters, democracy or human rights in all countries of the European continent.

Auguste van Werveke-Hanno Scholarship 2023

The Auguste van Werveke-Hanno Foundation

The Foundation awards annual scholarships to students residing in Luxembourg, enrolled in at least their second year of higher education, and pursuing studies in Architecture or Fine Arts leading to a recognised higher education degree.

The Meaning of Worlds: An installation by Flo Arnold in Metz

The Loo & Lou Foundation

The Loo & Lou Foundation supports the artist Flo Arnold during the 2023 Constellations festival in Metz.

The Nubian Vault technique blends tradition and sustainability in school construction in Senegal

Fondation Jeankerber

An ancient building technique dating back more than 3,000 years, the Nubian Vault encourages the use of local materials, reduces energy consumption and CO2 production, and curbs deforestation and desertification in surrounding areas of Senegal.

Sled dog adventure in Laponia helps troubled teens discover their strengths

Fondation Enovos

Between the Ounaasjoki river and the Pallas highlands, 150 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle, a group of teenagers discover their hidden strengths while overcoming the challenges of extreme conditions.


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