Continuing education for young, hospitalized patients in Lebanon

Fondation Josée Wolter-Hirtt

Severely ill and hospitalized children in Lebanon, regardless of nationality, religion or gender, are provided the opportunity to continue their education while they undergo treatment.


Having an illness may increase a child’s feelings of exclusion from normal life. Since 2010, the Lebanese non-profit Myschoolpulse has been providing sick and hospitalized children ages 5-18 with on-site tutoring, allowing them to keep up with their schoolwork and their peers, as well as art therapy. Besides contributing towards their general well-being, offering a continued education during hospitalization also helps children to reintegrate mainstream school as smoothly as possible when they recover, and ensure them a more promising future. Thanks to support from the Fondation Josée Wolter-Hirt, the organization has 10 full-time staff members who provide tutoring for 80 children suffering from long-term, serious illnesses.



Chloe, 6 years old, is one of the youngest students at Geitaoui hospital. She is being treated for an immune disorder and is a very serious student. During the pandemic, she adapted to e-learning and never misses her classes.



Cyrine is 13-years old and has been receiving treatment for an immune disorder since 2009. When she’s not taking classes, she enjoys art therapy sessions.


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