Hypercholesterolemia screening programme for schoolchildren in Luxembourg

Fondation Coeur - Daniel Wagner

Launch of a new screening programme in the city of Luxembourg’s public primary schools to detect early cases of hypercholesteremia.


Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in Luxembourg (30% in 2015). They can remain undetected until serious complications lead to a diagnosis, which is why early detection, even as soon as childhood, is key to preventing vascular damage. 


A joint initiative between the Ville de Luxembourg, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, the Kannerklinik and school nursing staff, the programme will test students aged 6-7 years with a simple and rapid finger prick during their routine school medical visit. Test results will not only allow for early detection of hypercholesterolemia and the prevention of vascular damage, but could allow for additional family screening and treatment, benefitting the entire family’s health and well-being.


The pilot programme will run until 2023 and, at its conclusion, aims to launch a nationwide screening programme to be implemented for all primary schools in Luxembourg. A registry will also be created that allows for continuous quality of care benchmarking and prevalence data, with additional impacts including the identification of specific genetic characteristics among patients. 



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