Improving the health systems in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesj

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Training program for 86 health auxiliaries


In India, child malnutrition causes 22% of illness and is responsible for about half of infant deaths. These alarming figures are often a consequence of the dysfunction of the public health service.


Thanks to the support of Fondation Olivier, Aide à l'Enfance d’Inde has launched a training program for 86 health auxiliaries by strengthening their knowledge of health with a particular focus on pregnancy, young mothers and newborns and treatment of child malnutrition. The intention is to facilitate access to care and promote good health and nutrition practices. An information campaign on childhood immunizations will be set up. Health workers will also be responsible for informing women on the topics such as: gender equality, family planning, violence against women, and women's rights.


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