Photovoltaic energy

Fondation Enovos


Research project in the field of photovoltaic energy


Managed in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), this research project’s goal is the regional detailed forecasts for smart energy management.


This study will help to better integrate renewable energies in the greater region of Luxembourg, particularly those produced by photovoltaic panels in the future energy system. The project aims to develop innovative concepts for a dynamic prediction and in real time, on a regional scale, of the electricity production from photovoltaic panels scattered in Luxembourg. This is thanks to a combined approach of modelling and analysis of the production of photovoltaic installations chosen as references.

Through this project, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology and the Enovos Foundation intend to contribute to Luxembourg’s international commitments on renewable energy and to create a useful tool to improve the electric network stability, as well as a better control of electricity costs in a volatile market.


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