Providing safe drinking water to rural Cuba

The Mangrove Foundation

In the province of Holguin, Cuba, the Mangrove Foundation supports an initiative that improves the treatment process for drinking water and increases its availability in rural areas.


In Holguin, only 50% of supplied water is treated into drinking water. Once treated, the water is pumped by diesel-fueled pumps into tanks, which are then routed to distribution centers or directly to homes. Ensuring a regular water supply to rural areas represents an even greater task and deliveries can be intermittent.


The Mangrove Foundation, alongside Solidarité-Luxembourg Cuba, seeks to address this challenge by installing local photovoltaic chlorinators in rural zones so that a safe water supply can be ensured for local populations, namely in the Bàguanos municipality. Four photovoltaic energy pumps will be installed, providing safe drinking water for up to 500 people.



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