The scholarships of the Fondation Été

Fondation Été


The Fondation Été awards each month, on the advice of an independent committee, one or several scholarships supporting directly and in a non-bureaucratic way individual projects in the social, cultural and educational fields.


Whether it is a contribution to the production of a band’s first CD, or the solo exhibition of an emerging artist, the acquisition of books for the school library or the purchase of toys for children’s homes, information research support for the purposes of writing a play by students or the first performance of a group of young rappers that formed in the street, the greeting and orientation of young addicts and their families or the help for reintegration into society through work ... - the philosophy that guides the selection of projects supported by the Fondation Été may be  diverse, but is always about encouraging artists’ commitment, teachers, educators and communities who are trying to make things happen, with the ambition to support the quality and the originality of these projects’ proposals.














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