Statement on the earthquake in Morocco and flooding in Libya

The Fondation de Luxembourg stands in solidarity with Morocco and Libya as they recover and rebuild from tragic natural disasters.


A women's savings and loan group, and their families, rendered homeless by the earthquake in Morocco. © CARE


The Fondation de Luxembourg expresses its deepest sympathy to the people of Morocco in the wake of the devastating earthquake that struck last week, as well as to the people of Libya, where catastrophic flooding has now swept away entire neighborhoods. Our thoughts are with the countless families who are now mourning the loss of loved ones, their homes and their livelihoods.


We have been particularly concerned by news from Asni, Morocco, only miles from the quake’s epicenter, where the programme En route pour l’école houses over a hundred schoolgirls from neighboring remote areas. The Fondation PIOU REDO, under our aegis, has supported the education and housing of these girls since 2019. We are closely following their situation. Futher, we are identifying critical local needs in Asni thanks to the support of another local partner, the Fondation Ali Zaoua.


For those wishing to contribute for the benefit of victims in Morocco and Libya, we have compiled a list of organizations from among our partners that have experience in these specific countries, have established local partnerships, and have extensive expertise in humanitarian response:



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