Fondation Linckels-Voss - CLOSED

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg

Now closed, the foundation’s aim was to support the poorest populations in developing countries that present a certain degree of political stability.



To honour the legacy of his parents the founder set up a foundation with the aim to actively contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the poorest populations in developing countries. The foundation supported projects providing access to adequate nutrition and a good basic education to the most vulnerable populations. In this respect, and by facilitating the access to universities, young people should be encouraged in their advanced studies. 


By supporting organisations working in cooperation with the Luxembourg Ministry of Cooperation, the financial resources made available by the foundation can be matched and topped up through the co-financing mechanism for Development NGOs. This allows the foundationto work alongside the public aid efforts while optimizing the impact of his foundation and thus achieving the desired effect.

In the selection of projects the founder puts a special emphasis on the sustainability and future self-sufficiency of the beneficiaries’ effort, with the aim to break the populations current dependence on outside aid. The foundation focuses its support on countries that present a certain degree of political stability to ensure the sustainability of the supported projects.



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