Renovation of the ‘Cathédrale Notre Dame de Luxembourg’

Fondation Notre Dame


The Fondation Notre Dame, dedicated to the preservation of the cultural and architectural heritage of the ‘Cathédrale Notre Dame de Luxembourg’, supports the renovation of the choir of the Cathedral.


The history of the ‘Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Luxembourg’ is marked by successive transformations and additions that are still reflected in the complexity of architectural styles found in this striking building. The oldest part of the current Cathedral has its origins in the ancient Jesuit church completed in 1621. Under the reign of Empress Maria Theresa the church becomes in 1778 the parish church "Saint Nicolas and Saint Theresa ". It receives the denomination "Eglise Notre Dame" on March 31, 1844 under the apostolic vicar Jean-Théodore Laurent. On June 17, 1870, the Apostolic Vicariate is elevated by Pope Pius IX to the rank of bishopric; at the same time the parish church becomes the Cathedral church. The expansion of the Cathedral was undertaken in the years 1935/38.  


The latest renovation of the interior dates back to 1977/78. The Management Committee of the Fondation Notre Dame welcomes the newest renovation initiative and development of this cultural heritage. Guided by the wishes of the Founders, the Management Committee decided to contribute in 2010 to the acquisition of new furniture for the choir of the Cathedral. It will fund in part the acquisition of a new central altar and the creation of a stele on which will stand the statue of Holy Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted, Patroness of the City of Luxembourg and the Grand Duchy.

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