A support network for homeless people

COVID-19 Foundation - CLOSED

The Fondation COVID-19 supported an initiative led by the association Entourage that informed and guided homeless people during the initial lockdown, making sure they had access to basic necessities.


During the first lockdown, many of the primary services that homeless populations depend on were restricted or closed. Information was hard to come by and navigating the rules of the lockdown was becoming increasingly difficult. 


The association Entourage, which promotes social inclusion and provides vulnerable people with valuable resources, established several measures to help the homeless population during this exceptional period. Among the resources provided, a helpline kept callers informed of the latest sanitary measures, an application facilitated mutual aid between neighbors and a telephone line was provided to help fight feelings of isolation and maintain social connections.


→ Lack of or difficulty in accessing health information, making it more difficult to
understanding of the situation, its evolutions and disease prevention,
→ Modification of access times or closure of primary services
necessity for people living in the street (luggage storage, bath-showers, etc.),
→ Increased risk of isolation for homeless people and any person initially in a situation of relational exclusion (person in a situation of great precariousness, great exclusion, etc.)

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