COVID-19 Foundation - CLOSED

under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg


In the context of the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, the Fondation de Luxembourg launched an initiative to provide support for projects in the areas of health care, scientific research and socially engaged undertakings.

The COVID-19 Foundation, now closed, was created with the mission of directing support for emergency projects in response to the pandemic COVID-19 crisis. The Foundation was open for donations from external donors and entitled these donors to tax deductibility in accordance with the Luxembourg legislation.


The projects, which were carried out mainly in Luxembourg but also in other countries, fell into three categories: 


  • Projects intended for the health sector, for example with regard to providing protective equipment for healthcare professionals, care for patients, purchase of medical equipment or the provision of additional human resources.
  • Research projects, with the aim of developing adequate testing, treatments for patients or  the search for a vaccine for the disease. This also includes research, such as modeling the epidemic (anticipating the spread of the virus depending on geographic areas) or prevention of this disease. 
  • Social projects aimed at vulnerable people affected by the crisis, such as homeless people, refugees, populations affected by conflict in Yemen and Syria, as well as any other person living in difficult or precarious conditions.


Donors can either choose one of the projects preselected by the Fondation de Luxembourg, or propose a new project.


Regarding its management, the COVID-19 Foundation is subject to the same principles as other foundations sheltered under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg and each funded program is monitored by the experts within the Fondation de Luxembourg.


The mission of the Fondation de Luxembourg is to facilitate long-term philanthropic engagement and the activities of the COVID-19 Foundation focus on projects of a certain scale. Therefore, the minimum commitment amount is EUR 10,000 for corporate donors and EUR 2,500 for individual donors.


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