Six PhD candidates awarded the 2022 Pélican Grant

The 2022 Pélican grants have been awarded to six PhD candidates from the University of Luxembourg and will cover travel expenses for their research stays abroad.


2023 Pélican Grant winners, from left to right: Marianne Meyers, Cristian Angeli, Mahsa Rezaeipour, Alexandros Pailas, Cyrielle Holuka, and Pilar Maria Moreno Sánchez


Each year, the Fondation du Pélican, under the aegis of Fondation de Luxembourg, awards a number of doctoral candidates affiliated with the systems and molecular biomedicine programme of the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE) at the University of Luxembourg with the “Pelican Grant”. This grant may be used for research expenses, such as costs for additional experiments or travel expenses to participate in conferences and training workshops, as well as to finance short-term stays abroad in the context of research collaborations.


Congratulations to the 2022 grant recipients, Marianne Meyers, Cristian Angeli, Mahsa Rezaeipour, Alexandros Pailas, Cyrielle Holuka and Pilar Maria Moreno Sánchez.


  • Marianne Meyers (DLSM)

Doctorate thesis: The role of environmental factors in metastatic colorectal cancer: the microbiome and its influence on the dissemination of the disease


  • Cristian Angeli (DLSM)

Doctorate thesis: Personal Functional Profiling for Drug Discovery in Melanoma


  • Mahsa Rezaeipour (LIH)

Doctorate thesis: Assess novel immunotherapeutic strategies against GMB in advanced preclinical models


  • Alexandros Pailas (LIH)

Doctorate thesis: Characterizing and targeting replication stress in glioblastoma tumor propagating cells


  • Cyrielle Holuka (LIH)

Doctorate thesis: Using the Long Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC), Investigate how low socioeconomic status i.e. economic hardship affect the process of ageing


  • Pilar Maria Moreno Sánchez (LIH)

Doctorate thesis: Investigate the crosstalk of the immune component with GBM cells in the context of immunotherapeutic treatment 


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