Fondation du Pélican de Mie et Pierre Hippert-Faber

sous l’égide de la Fondation de Luxembourg


The foundation seeks to provide long-term support in the field of scientific and academic research, as well as in the the area of the arts and letters.


Its primary objectives are:
  • Participation in the financing of research projects in biomedicine or biotech, preferably at the University of Luxembourg. By providing scholarships or purchasing equipment the foundation seeks to promote research activities in Luxembourg and develop the reputation of the University of Luxembourg in this field; click here for more information.
  • Providing financial support to institutions engaged in the field of arts and letters, by enriching their collections, organizing exhibitions, developing teaching and learning activities to facilitate the approach of the arts.

This definition of the foundation’s objectives is not intended to restrict the operations of the sheltered foundation, which will have to adapt to changing needs while operating in the spirit and scope determined by the Founder.

Committed to supporting projects primarily in the country and the city of Luxembourg, the sheltered foundation is also open and committed to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary international and intercultural approaches.


Villa Vauban, Photo Contest 2013 © Christof Weber


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