Recycling centers in Karoo, South Africa create employment and encourage sustainability

The Covenant Foundation

Two new recycling centers aim to create job opportunities and encourage sustainability for impoverished rural communities in Karoo, South Africa.


The towns of Klipplaat and Aberdeen in the Karoo in South Africa suffer from high levels of poverty and unemployment due to urbanization. Habitants lack basic municipal services and mainly get by thanks to social grants and food aid drops.


With the main goal of providing new opportunities for income and employment, the Covenant Foundation is supporting the creation of two recycling collection centers for the towns’ habitants. Workers are compensated for collecting and bringing in recyclable trash, which is then sorted, weighed, and sent to a nearby reprocessing facility.


The benefits of the project are trifold, as it will increase employment opportunities, raise awareness of and engagement in sustainable practices, and improve the towns’ environments.




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