Empowering visually impaired persons through a Barista training programme in South Africa

The Covenant Foundation

A Barista training programme, one of the first of its kind, offers visually impaired persons new career perspectives and greater independance.


Globally, the average unemployment rate of visually impaired persons is over 75%, as these individuals face constant challenges in the labor market. In South Africa, the organization Innovation for the Blind aims to create work opportunities adapted for persons with disabilities to achieve their potential and improve their quality of life.


One such programme, the Barista Training programme, established in 2021, offers persons with visual impairments a new career path, financial independence, and the possibility of training other baristas after completing the programme.


Joseph Matheatau, South Africa's first blind barista, enjoying his cappuccino.

Barista Training Centre, Innovation for the Blind, Worcester, South Africa


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