Caritas Baby Hospital in Bethlehem

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Supporting Caritas Baby Hospital's engagement for the recovery of ill children


Caritas Baby Hospital is situated in Bethlehem in the Palestinian Territories. Created in 1952 on the initiative of the Swiss Father Ernst Schnydrig, this hospital, the only one in the region, is entirely dedicated to children’s care independently of their origin, social status, or religion.


In October 2013, supported by Foundation Hope, Caritas Baby Hospital inaugurated in October 2013 an intensive care unit (ICU) made up of 7 beds. Answering a real need, this unit no furthermore allows to transfer young patients to other hospitals of the region, completing therefore the various existing services offered by the hospital.


The main problem faced by these children are linked to the harsh living conditions they grow up in: dehydration, respiratory problems, infections, and malnutrition. To help them, Caritas Baby Hospital promotes a holistic therapeutic approach, including parents’ involvement in the recovery process.


In 2014, 270 children benefited from intensive care out of the 38 000 that were taken care of by the hospital, therefore contributing to clear and long-lasting improvements in the field of infantile health.


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