Bringing sustainable energy to rural areas of Togo

The Mangrove Foundation

Togo's population faces major disparities in energy access between urban and rural areas. While 74% of urban residents enjoy relatively stable access to energy, just 5% of the rural population has the same chance. The Mangrove Foundation supports the distribution of equipment in rural areas that provides sustainable and cost-efficient energy.


To address this problem, the Mangrove Foundation works with a local NGO which is facilitating access to sustainable energy in rural areas, in turn reducing poverty levels, especially for women.


Supported by Entrepreneurs du monde, the NGO provides solar lamps, gas stoves, and improved, fuel-efficient cook stoves through a supply chain that also provides employment for community members. These supplies are both cheaper and more sustainable, with the added bonus of reducing reliance on wood or coal, therefore reducing the emission of harmful fumes.


The NGO plans to become a self-sufficient social enterprise after three years of support.


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