Children and violence

Fondation Marienburg

A project which listens to children 


Violence against children in our society comes in many different forms: physical violence, maltreatment, emotional abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or intimidation. But we also notice that some teenagers disrupt their family or school environment with violent acts such as insults, beatings, intimidation or self-harm.
Children who are victims or witnesses of violence need appropriate supervision and management.
The project entitled "Psychosocial EducationalMonitoring" aims to engage victims and perpetrators in a process of socialisation and learning. The goal is to teach young people how to behave towards violence and help them find a personal and social balance. Priority is given to the individual needs of each child. Collaboration between the adolescent, his family and other professional services in the social sector is established.
This project is implemented by the Luxembourgish association "La Main Tendue d’Angela” (Angela’s Helping Hand), a listening and help centre against physical, psychological and sexual violence.

The support enables the hiring of a psychologist with a schedule of 20 hours per week who will take charge of the youth monitoring.












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