Ending destructive fishing methods to preserve ocean life

Fondation Philanthropia Europe


The project aims to transform destructive fishing methods by educating retailers and consumers on misleading labeling while encouraging responsible consumption.


Since 1950, aggressive industrial fishing has reduced 90% of large fish populations such as cod, halibut, shark, and tuna. More than a third of fish populations in the world are overexploited and, due to global warming, previously rare ocean heatwaves now occur twice as often as since 1982, creating low oxygen “dead zones”.

Only through structural change within the fishing industry and awareness raising among consumers can the delicate equilibrium of these biospheres, under threat from warming waters and destructive fishing methods, be reestablished.


Putting consumer pressure on brands and mass retailers is one strategy for changing the fishing industry for the better. Indeed, consumers today are often misled by labeling that promises “sustainable” fishing practices, though many of these labels are shown to be fraudulent. Through awareness raising and education, consumers can learn how to understand product labeling, learn to change their habits and therefore contribute to the promotion of low-impact fishing.



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