Fondation Pierre Werner 2023 Scholarships

Fondation Pierre Werner

The Fondation Pierre Werner scholarships are intended to support research and study projects relating to European unification, monetary matters, democracy or human rights in all countries of the European continent.


At the meeting of the Fondation Pierre Werner management committee held on June 12, 2023, it was decided to grant the Pierre Werner Scholarships for the year 2023 to four candidates. This decision was based on the opinion of the pre-selection jury from the University of Luxembourg, composed of Prof. Benny Mantin, Prof. Aikaterini Pantazatou, Prof. Gautam Tripathi and Prof. Josip Glaurdic.


The successful candidates for 2023 are:


  • Laura Aade (Belgian), from the Doctoral School of Law (DSL) with the subject “The Interplay Between the Private Governance of Social Media Platforms and the Restrictions Imposed by European Consumer Protection” 
  • Laura Gil-Besada (Spanish), from the Institute of Political Sciences (ISP) with the subject “The influence of parliamentary diplomacy in norm diffusion and human rights policy: The Parliament of Spain, the European Parliament, and the Mercosur Parliament and its members”
  • Henriette Heimbach (German), from the Institute of Political Sciences (ISP) with the subject “A new form of bi-parliamentary cooperation: The establishment of the Franco-German Parliamentary Assembly”
  • Anna Machura-Urbaniak (Polish), from the Doctoral School of Law (DSL) with the subject “Investment fraud in the light of behavioral science - integration of psychological aspects into financial regulation”



During a ceremony on September 28th, 2023, the laureates were officially presented with their scholarships and invited to share a few words on their doctoral research. A full report on the ceremony is available here:


From left to right: Tonika Hirdman, Director General of the Fondation de Luxembourg, Elisabeth Werner and Marie-Anne Werner, founding members of the Fondation Pierre Werner, laureates Laura Gil-Besada, Laura Aade, Anna Machura-Urbaniak, Henriette Heimbach and Arnaud Dupuy, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance.


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