Optimising electricity supply through incentivized electric car charging

Fondation Enovos

The Fondation Enovos is supporting the research project INDUCTIVE which seeks to utilize electric car charging flexibility to balance increased demand on energy suppliers.


The automotive market is anticipating a surge in electric vehicles in the coming years, which might imply greater volatility in electricity prices, especially if vehicle owners charge their cars simultaneously. The increase in use of renewable energy sources could also add to the market's volatility. Energy suppliers will need to procure larger amounts of energy to meet growing demand, which could mean higher prices for both providers and consumers.


To address this challenge, the Fondation Enovos is supporting the scientific project, INDUCTIVE (Incentivized charging scheduling for electric vehicles) led by a research team from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg. The project seeks to develop a strategy that balances the load on the electric system and ensures lower prices by taking advantage of the flexibility in electric vehicle charging timespans.


Researchers will investigate three factors that could help achieve this objective:

1. Estimate the potential earnings of energy suppliers who take into consideration the flexibility of coordinated electric vehicle charging

2. Outline an incentive scheme that suppliers can offer customers in exchange for their flexibility

3. Investigate a decision-making system that can schedule the charging timespan of electric vehicles to optimise financial benefits, while at the same time satisfying the customer's charging needs.


Combining the results from these three points, researchers will determine when and how fast to charge a car based on preset preferences and therefore minimize customers’ charging costs and energy suppliers’ procurement costs


The research project will last for two years, resulting in a proof of concept as well as a mobile app prototype for electric vehicle owners.




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